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NEWS - 11.4.2019

Legislative Decree 81: the hidden advantages of a correct application

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Legislative Decree 81: the hidden advantages of a correct application

Marco Chiarini, General Manager of STOMMPY Srl states: "By adopting a risk assessment plan for the movement of vehicles in a company, an economic benefit can be achieved"


We spoke about this with Marco Chiarini, general manager of STOMMPY (a leading company in Italy in the production of impact safety barriers for industrial use):

 “The Legislative Decree 81, based on experience gained throughout the years, has allowed us to update and integrate the contents of the Legislative Decree 626/94, and all the previous regulations related to this subject.

In fact, non-compliance entails important consequences, both from the administrative and criminal point of view, which can result in a penalty ranging from € 2,500 to € 6,400, or arrest up to 8 months. "

The legal obligations to regulate the Legislative Decree 81, introduced in recent years, are sometimes interpreted more as bureaucratic obligations than actual incentives to really increase safety levels in companies...
"Effectively adopting a plan in favor of safety, guarantees significant positive effects on multiple process management parameters, as well as significant economic benefits. To demonstrate this, STOMMPY Srl, which has always been a promoter of safety in the industrial sector, conducted a research on a sample of forty customers, over a period of three years, where the risk assessment plan foresaw, among the various measures, also the installation of impact safety barriers in areas where goods are transported.

The companies under study operate in different industrial sectors (food, pharmaceutical, automotive and logistic) with an integrated value chain from production to logistics."

What safety campaign have you designed for the risk assessment in movement oh vehicles used to transport goods?

"A project that mainly involved the role of the RSPP and the manager of company prevention and protection service, but was also under attention of the owners, facility managers and maintenance managers.

In the risk assessment process, with customers, we analyzed the routes of the vehicles, focusing on the following parameters:

  • available space for vehicle movements;
  • vehicle speed; 
  • weight and dimension of transported load;
  • sharing mixed areas between vehicles and pedestrians;
  • distance of routes to unprotected workstations;
  • the economic and strategic relevance of infrastructures such as: machinery, electrical panels, racks, doors or walls near the paths, for the correct performance of company processes.

Thanks to the survey, emerged the potential risks that our personnel and facility is exposed to.”

What measures have you suggested to implement?

"In order to reduce and / or eliminate any collisions, we suggested, where possible, to enlarge the maneuvering area of the vehicles emphasizing greater visibility at crossing points. Moreover, we have proposed to modify the position of racks and conveyor belts, and delimit parking area of goods, and pedestrian areas. In the majority of cases, in the lack of space, in order to preserve the existing infrastructures and, at the same time, protect workers, STOMMPY® impact safety barriers were installed. "It is crucial," points out Marco Chiarini "that the impact safety barrier is suitable for the working environment in which it will be installed, therefore, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary calculation of the impact energy risk, that the vehicle can generate. Thanks to the result, the suitable impact safety system, that can contain and dissipate the energy to the floor without damaging it, can be chosen. Otherwise, not only will there be unforeseen costs to the customer but also the resistance of the impact safety system to subsequent impacts could not be guaranteed.”
At the end of a three-year testing, the data collected by the sample involved in the survey showed positive results, cataloged in the following way: 
Reduction of infrastructure repair costs caused by vehicle collisions
(walls and columns; door jambs and pads; racks and racks uprights; pavement in case when the current impact safety barriers are the ones fixed with screws; replacement of Impact Safety Systems with standard rawlplug fixings when irreparable)
  • 72% of customers have recorded a total elimination of these costs;
  • 28% of customers have recorded a significant elimination of these costs;
  • no company has registered an increase in costs; 
Increased operational efficiency
  • 65% of customers recorded a considerable reduction in maneuvering time of vehicle drivers;
  • 35% of customers have not recorded any improvement in maneuvering time of vehicle drivers;
  • no company has registered an increase in maneuvering time of vehicle drivers;
Savings on the INAIL premium (module OT24) due to the reduction of the coefficient risk ratio of the company:  
  • 76% of customers obtained savings on INAIL premium, due to the reduction of the company risk ratio;
  • 24% of customers did not obtain any saving on INAIL premium, due to reasons not related to the application of the risk assessment plan regarding the movement of vehicles in the company;
  • no company has obtained an increase in the INAIL premium, due to reasons not related to the application of the risk assessment plan regarding the movement of vehicles in the company;
Reduction of people’s injuries caused by the collision of vehicles against infrastructure or directly to people
  • 94% of customers have registered a total elimination; 
  • 6% of customers have recorded at least one accident;
  • no customer has registered an increase in accidents; 

“We are very satisfied with the research result”, says Marco Chiarini “Thanks to data sharing with our customers, we have increased the level of awareness regarding advantages deriving from adoption of Impact Safety Barriers. In fact, our goal is to stimulate an increasing number of companies to take the same path." He concludes by saying: "If the safety regulations are consciously implemented into company procedures, the results are real and contribute to obtaining concrete savings and greater efficiency. "


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