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Twenty years of work and awareness has led STOMMPY to clearly define its spirit and horizons.

When we talk about a company’s vision, we often refer to it as synthetic, assertive, summarized in a sentence with the task of presenting the ideal horizon of the company itself, and of the entrepreneurs who guide it. It is undoubtedly an excellent way to declare to the world and to the market, with few and selected words, the importance of one's entrepreneurial project. However, sometimes what is equally important and equally worthy of being told is what lies behind a corporate vision, what moves around it and helps to define it.

This is the case of STOMMPY, whose current vision is the result of an articulated and methodical path that over time has led the company to develop a unique approach and entrepreneurial awareness in the sector.

Already twenty years ago, from the first observations of the market of impact safety barriers, it was clear to Marco Chiarini and his partner Luca Gatti the enormous evolutionary potential that characterized the sector, even if at the time its true value and the real needs of the market were not yet precisely defined.

STOMMPY has, therefore, taken its first steps totally focusing on the evolution of the performance of its products, directing attention and economic resources towards the research and development area, having a clear and ambitious goal of becoming the technological leader of the protection impact safety barriers market. This success has been achieved right from the first year of its activity and is still continuing up to now, thanks to which the company has been able to develop over time solid organizational bases and ever-increasing volumes of turnover and market shares.

However, after some years since the beginning of the activity, it has become increasingly clear that the future of STOMMPY was to not only to become a leading company in the construction technology of impact safety barriers, but also and above all, to become the innovative point of reference in the whole safety field for all work environments.

Awareness that six years ago, together with the constant growth of business experience and the expansion of the market to which STOMMPY has turned, was the basis for the most important intuition in the history of the company: to no longer look solely at the product itself, but to focus on the entire market context in which the product was sold and applied, better understanding its shortcomings, needs and margins of development.

The more STOMMPY would have been able to understand the needs of the market, the more it could have helped the market to become aware of these, thus expanding its services and its strength on the market itself.
And that’s what happened. Thanks to this simple but illuminating intuition, the company has been able to overcome the general current conception of impact safety barriers- where the producers are free to operate without any technical-regulatory parameter to be respected, without having to guarantee the performance of the products and without the customer being concerned about selecting them on the basis of a scientific assessment of the impact risks existing in their company. In this situation, where there is a lack of regulations, it is not surprising that the generalized rule of the market is not "how much this impact safety barrier resists", but "how much this impact safety barrier costs".

STOMMPY, instead, decided to bring to the market a new vision of safety in the workplace, going in a totally opposite direction, thus submitting all its impact safety barrier to resistance tests at AISICO, one of the best-known certification companies and experts in road guardrail tests.
What the company did was to trace a logical path through which the consumer can recognize the danger of impact in the company, attribute an energy value to this risk and select from the catalog the most suitable impact safety barrier for the given application, thanks to an energy value of impact resistance adapted to the calculated needs.

In other words, STOMMPY has transformed itself from a simple manufacturer of the best performing impact safety barriers on the market to a revolutionary innovative company in the field of safety. To achieve that STOMMPY had to take many steps: the first was sharing the new vision of safety with those who have made it an institutional mission, knows as the Italian National Standardization Body - UNI - entitled to write and disseminate all the technical rules governing the market, with the aim of protecting and increasing the safety of citizens. STOMMPY has reported to the Entity the gap in the field of impact safety barriers and submitted the "Guideline for the selection and application of impact safety barriers in Industry", a good practice guide, written by STOMMPY, which aims to support the work of safety managers within companies in choosing the impact safety barriers, following the logic of impact risk assessment, the energy calculation of the risk and the application of the correct protection. A successful initiative thanks to which the publication of the first technical standard of this sector on the global market is expected for June 2020.

The second step was radical renewal of corporate communication, a complete rebranding project, carried out in the name of the technical and cultural revolution that STOMMPY is promoting in the sector.
The third step concerned STOMMPY approach to its customers: the sales network is now continuously trained to provide advice to customers and direct them to the most correct path towards true safety, explaining with the support of logic and physics the performance of advanced, high efficiency, certified and guaranteed protections offered by the company.

Marco Chiarini
, President of STOMMPY and first supporter of the company's vision, describes the impact it has had between customers and internally: "STOMMPY is moving towards the fulfillment of its twentieth year of activity, and all the experience that we have matured in almost two decades of work in the industrial safety sector is merging into our great project of revolution of the sector. Customers are responding very positively, being careful and curious to investigate the changes taking place, and the same can be said of the people in the company. This is a project of all of us at STOMMPY, which is why all the business areas have been involved right away, and the positive approach that we have recorded from all of our collaborators convinces us even more than the logic that supports this change is really strong and motivating. Perception is the same for everyone: we are doing the right thing. "


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