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NEWS - 10.5.2019


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Through a major rebranding project, STOMMPY is reviewing its role in the workplace safety sector, establishing a new approach to the market: “the truth revolution”.

There come times in a company’s history when the constant attention that has always been paid to the core business must be shifted, even just for one moment. During this crucial moment, you need to look up from what you are and what you do, and observe yourself, looking at yourself through new, critical and honest eyes to assess the path that you have traveled in the past and to look ahead to the road you need to take.
This is what STOMMPY has done: after almost 20 years of work, the company has had a look at itself in the mirror and chosen to adopt a radical rebranding project allowing it to better convey its pioneering spirit, its ever-present role as sheer innovators and trailblazers in the workplace safety sector.
Following three months of extensive work, which pinpointed its special features and what sets it apart from its competitors on the market, STOMMPY unveiled itself to the public at MECSPE 2019 with its brand new graphics and communication.
The bedrock and cornerstone around which the new STOMMPY brand has been developed is the company MANIFESTO, a firm statement of its position on the market, its attitude, its purpose and its ultimate goal:

Such a bold, profound and original approach certainly did not go unnoticed among the public at the trade show; sure enough, well-known customers and new prospects appreciated the courage and determination shown by STOMMPY in standing as “revolutionary upholders of the truth” in the vague sector of workplace safety.
In fact, all of the brand’s strategic and communication structure is based on this premise; there can be only one truth about the quality of protection and safety systems, the one certified by recognized third-party bodies which run tests under the worst conditions possible. These bodies and tests have placed STOMMPY at the top of the sector.
In addition to drafting the company’s Manifesto, the rebranding project also involved all the other elements of STOMMPY’s visual, iconographic and communication system, starting from the brand mark.
Communicating the most emotional and instinctive part of the brand was entrusted to a new symbol: GALILEO, STOMMPY’s protective fox. It is a clear and effective choice of icon, supported by sharp features and clear colors, which establishes that the company is shrewd, insightful and intelligent.
New colors were also chosen to represent the company on all its communication tools: RED, the symbol of passion for work and the strength of the company on the market; BLACK to represent the advanced technology which STOMMPY infuses into its products; and WHITE, synonymous with order, transparency and free, open space for creation and design.
While the link with STOMMPY’s history is preserved by the logo, which
keeps the style of the original but revamps it through a font with bolder and lighter lines which make it modern, assertive and elegant at the same time.
Completing this brand mark is STOMMPY’s new tagline: JOIN THE REVOLUTION, a strong call destined to stand the test of time, which invites you to take part in the truth revolution which the company is carrying out in the world of safety.
As previously mentioned, the rebranding project, unveiled internally to employees and dealers in late December 2018, was first applied in practice on STOMMPY’s stand at MECSPE 2019, although it will characterize the company’s entire communication system, something which will have a definite impact on the nature of the customers who will approach STOMMPY and its products in the future.
The President, Marco Chiarini, is convinced of this: “It’s not just a matter of image for us, STOMMPY’s rebranding project is mainly a statement of intent: what we want to convey to the market from now on is that we don’t just want to sell products, but rather we intend to design together with our customers the best solutions for everyone’s safety. We don’t just want our customers to ask us how much our products cost, but rather that they involve us so we can become safety innovators together, helping us find a solution to their needs, which are unique, specific and unrepeatable.
It’s about raising the bar both of our role in the market and of the market itself, talking primarily with those customers who see safety as a concrete company asset, as an absolute value, as a non-negotiable principle.
I’m convinced that the new STOMMPY brand will help us on this virtuous path, in Italy and abroad.


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