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NEWS - 10.11.2021

NEW STOMMPY CRASH TEST DEVICE: the Research and Development department launches an ultimate testing machine for Impact Safety Barriers

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At the end of an important development project that has seen the collaboration with numerous players in the field of safety, STOMMPY presents its new crash test device for Impact Safety Barriers, an innovative machine which will establish itself also at a European level.

The idea of equipping STOMMPY with its own testing system for products dates back to 2018, and emerges after a long and fruitful collaboration between the company and a certification and testing laboratory for motorway barriers.
In 2019, after the first examination phase, the project documentation was sent to the Emilia-Romagna Regional Call for the support of innovative projects in SMEs.
The Region quickly approved the project, recognizing it to be highly innovative, above all because it is the first crash test machine in the world, which operates in full compliance with the requirements of UNI standards relating to Impact Safety Barriers in the industrial sector; these rules are currently under review and will be published in early 2022.
In April 2020, the STOMMPY Research & Development Department was thus able to begin the executive design of the machine, which was completed in August 2021.


It is a sliding system consisting of an inclined surface on which, in order to simulate a collision against an Impact Safety Barrier, it is possible to configure three different mass values - 1500, 4000 and 6000 kg - as established by the UNI technical specification. The same standard also defines the geometry of the impactor to be used, in order to reproduce the rear shape of a classic forklift.  
The machine has been suitably oversized in its mechanical structure, in order to develop dynamic impacts in total safety up to the extraordinary value of 60,000 Joules, which goes well beyond the value of 50,000 Joules of the maximum resistance class provided for in the UNI technical specification; however, these resistance values are currently not reflected by the current impact safety protections on the market, but represent the future goals that STOMMPY aspires to reach. 
The system is entirely managed by a dedicated software, which was developed together with a specialized company in accordance with the specifications and the direct supervision of the STOMMPY R&D Department. The software controls a wide range of electronic instruments and detection sensors for the control of the release height of the slide - depending on the impact force to be simulated - and for the detection of the impact effects on the Impact Safety Barrier to be tested, such as a set of video cameras with a sensitivity of 2000 frames / s in order to observe the dynamic deformations of the Impact Safety Barriers.


Behind the success of the creation project for the new crash test device there is all the know-how of the STOMMPY R&D, a department which was introduced eight years ago to dedicate a part of the technical office to the development of new innovative products and the continuous improvement of the already existing ones.
Today the department is managed by a team of three designers coordinated by an Operations Manager, Eng. Paolo Desiderioscioli, who developed several important invention patents, including the FIXA Block System - the universal anchoring system for any type of floor that prevents any pavement breakage, the Impact Safety Bollard with modular height and the S.M.A.R.T. Safety Monitoring and Active Reporting Technology - the first Impact Safety Bollard equipped with IoT Technology.
The other important project of the R&D department is the development of the first standards to regulate Impact Safety Barriers in the industrial sector. The standards are being studied at UNI, whose contribution was essential for the work process of the technical committee; the latter was chaired by INAIL, confirming the growing interest of institutions in this sector.
From this project, two documents will mark an important step forward in the regulation of the sector in which STOMMPY operates: a technical specification that defines the test methodologies and classification of impact protection, and a technical report that supports the end user in the correct choice of protections.
In this regard, it is important to underline that the new crash test device signed by STOMMPY already fully complies with the indications contained in the technical specification for product classification being analyzed at UNI, since its design is contextual to the development of the standard.


Several companies and institutions have contributed to the success of this project, one above all the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, each of which represents excellence in its field, from mechanical design to the design of control electronics, from development management software for mechanical and electrical wiring. All these players have been wisely selected and coordinated by Eng. Desiderioscioli, who deserves the credit for being able to manage this large team, getting the best out of each of its components. 
According to Ing. Desiderioscioli himself, “The greatest challenge was to coordinate a project that was based on an undefined standard that was constantly changing, month after month. It was therefore necessary to develop and maintain an overall strategic vision of the two components, the regulatory and the operational one, in order to make them consistent with each other. An operation that has not always been easy, but which has certainly increased the value of the project and created an important competitive advantage for the future of STOMMPY. "


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