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Protecting infrastructures and workers, drastically reducing maintenance costs

STOMMPY, the leading Italian manufacturer of Impact Safety Barriers for industrial use, can guarantee its partners total protection of the infrastructures and employees’ safety, with the advantage of drastically reducing the costs for company maintenance.

Located in Rubiera (RE), in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna region, STOMMPY® is the first Italian manufacturer of Impact Safety Barriers, playing a leading role worldwide and being a reference point for the following industries:

  • Food & Beverage;
  • Retail & Distribution;
  • Pharma & Healthcare;
  • Automotive;
  • Mechanics;
  • Logistics and Transport.

Since 2000, STOMMPY boasts a continuous evolution of experiences in collaboration with the most qualified and demanding customers on the market in terms of corporate safety; this has triggered a natural improvement process of our Impact Safety Barriers, making metal or masonry protections obsolete and less efficient.

Our passion led us to realize three patents: the first floor anchoring system that prevents the floor from breaking, a high-performance, innovative and ideal technical polymer to guarantee the highest level of energy absorption, and the Modular Impact Safety Bollard, which is the strongest and most efficient on the market. 

Consulting, planning, installation and maintenance: a complete and ISO 9001 certified process, which makes STOMMPY the ideal partner for the management of your protection and safety projects. 

STOMMPY Impact Safety Barriers can guarantee the highest level of economic efficiency.




STOMMPY is a company of professionals specialized in workplace safety and industrial protection with 20 years of experience in the design, production and installation of polymer Impact Safety Barriers.

We support our customers with customized projects that allow them to implement corporate risk prevention policies, capable of protecting the employees’ health  and implementing high levels of safety in the workplace. 

Thanks to our constant commitment to Research and Development we have become a technological leader in the field of Impact Safety Barriers, offering unique, innovative and high-performing solutions that differ from the safety system currently available on the market. 

This is also possible thanks to our qualified Installation Team that makes sure that all Impact Safety Barriers are installed properly. In order to do that, they use special equipment and prepare the area for the installation in conditions of absolute cleanliness and hygiene.



DSP Guideline

Why a Guideline on the Choice and Application Method of Impact Safety Barriers for the industrial sector?

To better understand what motivated the authors to produce this document, it is worth noting that, to date, no legislation has studied or created standards governing the construction, choice and application of such systems. Indeed, Impact Safety Barriers play a very important role for safety at work and help reducing maintenance costs; they are mostly installed in industrial plants to protect infrastructures (doors, walls and shelving), facilities (electrical panels, fire-fighting equipment, weighing systems, conveyor belts, workstations) and pedestrian crossings, as moving vehicles could possibly hit them.

Therefore, given the lack of standards, designers and users of these products face objective difficulty in assessing the numerous offers available on the market; since there are no rules defining the parameters for choice and application; the assessment process tends to be based more on the purchase price than on the true effectiveness of the Impact Safety Barrier which should, instead, be the real basis for safety and savings within the company.

The negative consequences of this dearth of legislation are inevitably borne by the end-users of the Impact Safety Barriers, as they may fall victim to inefficiencies, even serious ones, and above all, to a lack of legal protection.


What does a Guideline on Impact Safety Barriers offer?

The goal of STOMMPY is to provide the technical notions and the necessary procedure for the most appropriate choice of Impact Safety Barriers. The ISB Guideline is useful to all those involved in the assessment of company risks, whether it concerns the preservation of company infrastructures, plants and machinery, or the accident prevention for personnel, especially due to moving vehicles.

This document also provides the analysis and the development procedure for an assessment of company risks within goods handling areas, to support the company choices that aim at reducing the risks regarding the work activities in the examined area. 


Economic benefits deriving from the correct application of Impact Safety Barriers

Finally, it is essential to underline how choosing the right Impact Safety Barrier benefits not only the work efficiency, but the entire company economy. In fact, improving safety in work environments means reducing: the accident risk coefficient, annual contributions to INAIL (Italian national institute for insurance against industrial accidents) and maintenance costs due to moving vehicles hitting plants, machinery and infrastructures. 

For this reason, the Guideline is applicable to all work environments, regardless of the product sector.


What does a Guideline on Impact Safety Barriers aim to?

The Guideline, through technical notions, aims to be an easy, practical and effective help tool for the end user, helping him in his evaluation process of passive safety systems and in the evaluation procedure of the risks related to moving vehicles within the work area and how these risks can also be eliminated or reasonably contained, according to the most correct risk analysis and assessment system, and how the necessary performance parameters are easily calculated in order to choose the most appropriate Impact Safety Barriers.



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