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Conveyor Protection

The functional nature of conveyors makes them subject to contact impact risks generated by vehicles in movement. Protecting conveyors effectively without occupying lots of space is not easy. Forklifts and other engine or manual trucks need to move freely inside a facility without damaging Conveyor Lines, but this is not possible without a comprehensive Impact Safety System that prevents damages effectively without breaking the floor during or after an impact. Conveyor Lines can be protected in many ways, to understand how to protect a Conveyor Line, the Impact Safety Risk shall be calculated by verifying what type of vehicle is used inside and at what average speed it travels. Applications shall be implemented correctly to maximize benefits.

  1. Prevent damaging Conveyor Lines and save on repair.
  2. Save on floor damage in case of an impact.
  3. Ultimate hygienic levels for food and pharmaceutical industries.
  4. Prevent damaging an important nerve of a logistic or production facility.
  5. Mitigate biomechanical risks to which a driver is exposed during an impact.
  6. If bended after an impact, change only the threaded rod to restore the Impact Safety Barrier to its original status after an impact. The operation is cheap, fast and easy.
  7. Possibility to extend Warranty on products and floor up to 10 years.

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