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Pedestrian delimitation and impact safety barriers are very different concepts, but often, mistakenly, combined in a single ambivalent product. Today STOMMPY is ready to overcome this approach and to dedicate specific products to specific roles.

Revolutions, as we know, always have an initial spark from which they come to life, a starting point destined to be remembered as the origin of everything. Sometimes it is a fact, a triggering event, other times it is a thought that spreads in to the environment.
Almost always, however, at the base of a revolution is the most powerful factor of all: an idea.
Ideas have the power to change things, to overcome a habit, to propose a new way of looking at yourselves: a new vision.

The idea that gave rise to the new vision of STOMMPY when it comes to the concept of safety brings with it the courage to innovate, which is a characteristic of the company: separate the concept of "barriers" from the concept of "delimitation" to give life to more specific and safe products, each dedicated to a precise function and designed for a specific market need, therefore to offer each customer an optimal protection solution according to the critical issues present in his facility.

In fact, the best safety solution is achieved by installing suitable product systems chosen on a scientific basis for the needs of the specific work environment; the more accurate is the analysis of the area to be protected, the more effective are the impact safety barriers.

Due to the market having a distorted vision, a widespread tendency to save costs, and due to the gap in the regulations, up until now the concepts of "barriers" and "delimitation" have been used indistinguishable. However, now the times have changed enough to accept a new system: the STOMMPY System.

The principle that guides this new System gives values to the real concepts of safety, and closes with the past by replacing the old generation products one after the other.

The new PEDESTRIAN HANDRAIL of STOMMPY is the first in the series, and is the result of the same production excellence that distinguishes all the company's products.

Furthermore, it is very versatile, thanks to its modularity in height and length, and also thanks to a modular joint with multiple connection ways made ad hoc it is possible to create perimeters, either linear or angular at 90°. 
Moreover, for outdoor installations in order to increase visibility in poorly lit environments, LED lights are also available. They operate with an autonomous self-powered battery with photovoltaic panel inserted directly into the light, and they can be installed directly on the supporting posts of the handrails.

STOMMPY with the new pedestrian handrail introduces for the first time on the market a product that is compliant with the law 81/2008 on safety at work, which guarantees its use in all applications, both on ground and raised floors, and it accessorized in a ground level barrier.

In particular, the most used version of the STOMMPY Pedestrian handrail is 110cm from the floor and complies with regulations:
  • EN 1991-1-1 - Densities, self-weight, imposed loads for buildings
  • BS 6180: 2011 - Barriers in and about buildings. Code of practice
  • UNI EN ISO 14122-3 - Permanent means of access to machinery
In designing this new and innovative solution, particular attention was also paid to the design, which is more attractive thanks to its geometric and ergonomic shapes, and to the remote visibility of the product which is a key element in safety prevention and has been achieved thanks to a more balanced and effective alternation of yellow and red colors or, on request, yellow and black.

The extreme simplicity of installation and the safety features in terms of food contact, UV resistance and water resistance complete the design standard characteristic of the STOMMPY philosophy.

In compliance with the indications that the new UNI standard on impact safety barriers in the industrial environment will require to adopt, in the event that the pedestrian handrail should be installed in environments where vehicles transport goods, an impact safety barrier that is chosen based on a calculation, in order to withstand the impact energy of the vehicle in movement. Therefore, to totally eliminate the risk that the product can deform or fall over into the pedestrian path, impacting the walking pedestrian; a risk that currently not solved by products on the market.
STOMMPY new pedestrian handrail was born from cutting-edge technologies and today already anticipates what the new UNI regulation will require from the next 2020, which is embracing more the new criteria on safety at work and guaranteeing its customers to position themselves at the highest levels in risk assessment, that is mandatory for every entrepreneur.
In STOMMPY's business proposal, the ten-year experience in the field of safety is increasingly important; it is a primary element in the management processes of companies which today are more aware, than ever, of the objective advantages deriving from the control and the reduction of accidents and injuries.
Marco Chiarini, President of STOMMPY, has no doubts about the validity of the strategic choice that the company has made by reformulating its approach to safety issues. Moreover, from his own words all of the potential of the new STOMMPY System emerges: “All companies operate on the market, but few are those capable of questioning and reinterpreting the needs of the market by anticipating the solutions that will change old market habits by bringing true innovation and utility to the system ".


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