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NEWS - 9.9.2019

SVAT GROUP protecting the new plant consisting of cool warehouses.

Valori Stommpy

This project was designed to secure various areas by the type of vehicles passing through, the elements to be protected, and the function of the protection itself.


  • Protecting doors, forklift charging bays, electrical panels and escape routes at risk of collision with goods vehicles;
  • Complying with all legal requirements on health and safety at the workplace, in accordance with the highest relevant standards applied by the Customer;
  • Drastically lowering company maintenance costs and guaranteeing the fastest return on investment;
  • Installing a guaranteed, safe anchoring system that does not damage the floor and can withstand both everyday knocks and the worst accidents.


After a careful analysis of customer’s needs and from the layout received from them, a technical solution that could provide safety to the mixed areas of the facility was developed.

The choice of the most suitable impact safety barriers is motivated by a scientific and objective method that takes 3 fundamental steps into consideration:

  • Collection of weight and speed data of used vehicles in the individual business areas;
  • Calculation of the impact energy risk of the Customer’s vehicles, to identify the necessary resistance level of the impact safety systems to be applied;
  • Verification of the operating width, to choose the most suitable impact safety barriers for the available working area.


Impact Safety Bollard
Impact Safety Bollard Modular
Impact Safety Barrier (single)
Impact Safety Barrier (double)
High-visibility bollard


Duration of the installation: 2 days

Specialized Technicians engaged: 2 technicians of STOMMPY Installation Team 




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