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NEWS - 24.2.2020


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The ingenuity of the STOMMPY Research & Development division is behind a new product destined to raise the quality and functionality of Impact Safety Kits worldwide.

One of the most frequent concepts that emerges when discussing company performance is teamwork: how important it is for colleagues to work together as a team, how much team-building activities contribute to achieving objectives, and so on. One aspect that is rarely examined, however, is teamwork between the products of a company.

STOMMPY decided to explore this aspect with the development and production of its new cement mortar, by creating a product that completes and improves the already excellent range of impact safety products and simultaneously increases the areas of application and therefore the market opportunities.
A champion playing together with other champions: teamwork, in other words.
Cement mortar is one of the basic elements of the STOMMPY Impact Safety Product Kits. It is used to anchor the bollards and guardrails to the ground with the FIXA Block System and the efficacy of the entire safety and protection systems depends on its tensile strength.
This is why the R&D Division has worked to produce a HIGH PERFORMANCE CEMENT, the most evolved version of the STOMMPY cement mortar ever produced.

Compared with the previous version, the value of the new cement mortar lies in various improved characteristics.


HIGH PERFORMANCE CEMENT has quicker setting times and more homogeneous behavior in changing from the liquid to the solid state, allowing any small correction in product positioning to be made when necessary. However, the greatest benefit is the shorter amount of time needed for installation and preparation of the product for use by the customer. 


the temperature range for use of the new mortar is much wider than the previous range. It can, in fact, be used in applications at temperatures as low as -30°C. This feature makes STOMMPY impact safety products suitable for extreme environments, such as in very cold countries or installations in cold rooms and blast chillers. Creation of the HIGH PERFORMANCE CEMENT also means that it is no longer necessary to adopt the more costly and lower-performing resins previously used for applications at low temperatures.


the red color is a highly distinctive feature of the product and guarantees the company, distributors and final users that the safety systems have been installed correctly, with STOMMPY cement mortar and not with another product.


the HIGH PERFORMANCE CEMENT is marketed with a warranty period that is twice as long as the previous version (one year instead of six months). This means that all STOMMPY branches and distributors can keep the product stored in the warehouse for twice as long as in the past, without risking any deterioration in its performance and setting times.

Research and development of the new product was carried out in a partnership between STOMMPY and another mortar manufacturer, together with which it first formulated the new mixture and then conducted a series of tests, including measurement of setting times at low temperatures, until the desired performance level was achieved.

The subsequent pull-out tests conducted at specialized laboratories confirmed the higher tensile strength of the mortar, including from a mechanical standpoint.

HIGH PERFORMANCE CEMENT is a CE certified product and therefore has a technical data sheet and a safety data sheet that allow it to be marketed in Europe, as it meets all current standards on cement mortars.

Paolo Desiderioscioli, Head of the STOMMPY Technical Office, describes and contextualizes the company’s satisfaction with its new creation in the following manner: “HIGH PERFORMANCE CEMENT marks yet another success in the challenge we have set ourselves, which is continuous improvement of what we place on the market, in terms of both product quality and efficiency of the service provided to our network of branches and distributors. 

It is also a further demonstration of how much our company focuses on innovation. This new CE certified product joins the other STOMMPY inventions, several of which already have an international patent.



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