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NEWS - 30.9.2021

Corporate Social Responsibility: STOMMPY's approach, actions, projects and perspectives.

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Greater social inclusion within the workforce, improvement of the quality of working life, reduction of the ecological impact of production activities and economic support to society and to the territories in which companies operate: these are the main issues that constitute an important principle for Social Responsibility which represents an increasingly important aspect for businesses.
In the consumer market, those companies that implement actions for the benefit of society in their policies are increasingly appreciated. 
For companies and entrepreneurs, this positive market response spurs them to consolidate a new focus on the collective good.

STOMMPY has always been a supporter of ethics and responsibility

In this scenario, the ethical principles and corporate responsibility that have always guided STOMMPY's work find confirmation and new opportunities for expression. Even today, when the business is growing and expanding to foreign countries, we remain a company on a human scale and culturally devoted to doing business by placing people and territories at the center.
What distinguishes this approach is the deep-rooted belief that the essential ingredient to continue to be a successful business - as the countless stories of companies, entrepreneurs and managers prove - is a sense of responsibility.
That sense of responsibility that leads us to ethically evaluate the pros and cons of each choice with conscience and honesty expanding the perimeter of evaluations beyond the immediate economic result.
The same sense of responsibility that in our business management keeps us from shortcuts on the path towards our growth goals.
A gradual growth that began 20 years ago at the foundation of STOMMPY which over time has also led to the development of CSR-oriented actions.

People, territory and environment towards a sustainable world

An example of this development are the increasingly effective STOMMPY policies of inclusion and enhancement of diversity addressed to young people, women and employees from other nations, whose cultures of origin are for us an important heritage of awareness and mental openness. 
Furthermore, at a territorial level, we continue to devote increasing attention to education, firmly convinced that our future lies in the hands of the girls and boys who, at the end of their studies, will form part of the country's society and productive force.
For this reason, we promote collaboration with local schools, with financial contributions to initiatives promoted by local institutes and with our constant willingness to welcome students for training periods in the company.

Not least are STOMMPY’s actions to protect the environment.

According to the philosophy that reconciles the protection of things and people and the protection of environment and nature, our business evolution is based on the belief that there is no real growth without real sustainability of products and processes.
In fact, it is no coincidence that STOMMPY Impact Safety Barriers are made of a revolutionary technopolymer of our conception, designed to ensure - in addition to maximum mechanical performance - also high longevity, complete recyclability at the end of its life cycle and compatibility with food contact, being a non-toxic material that doesn’t produce harmful gases even if engulfed in flames. These features, combined with the constant commitment to making production processes increasingly greener and more efficient by the use of renewable energies, are specifications that fully express our concept of sustainability.

The virtuous circle of responsibility

STOMMPY, however, is not the only one dealing with the aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility on a daily basis. Today more and more companies, including customers and suppliers, understand and share how commitment to these issues is amply rewarded on several fronts: by improving the quality of the working environment, for example, they improve the profitability and results of companies on the markets, since public recognition increases towards realities that are dedicated to social commitment.

A commitment that looks to the future

There is therefore no doubt that the daily exchange between the players in the business world is the most effective vehicle for the dedication to the common good.
Sharing CSR objectives and policies is therefore a path that STOMMPY is willing to follow and on which, as a company and as people, we hope to involve all our parner stakeholders to do the same.



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